Framed football shirt. Give yourself or someone else a unique gift.
You do not want to hide a special memory in a cupboard or in a drawer somewhere. And that is precisely what often happens with football shirts. Think of your love for a particular club, an unforgettable opponent, a special tournament or a farewell to a team. Football shirts, cycling shirts or hockey shirts, these frames are suitable for any kind of shirt really. Photographs, emblems or medals can also be included in the frame. It will be a reminder of unforgettable moments. By clicking on your choice, you will automatically see a detailed product description, where you can fill in exactly what you want and also place your order.

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The ordering system is simple.
Here you can see images of the frames, under which the most important properties are listed. For example, it states whether it is a frame in which you can hang your shirt yourself or in which we do this for you because it needs to be mounted. In any case, the quality of our frames is paramount and we guarantee our expertise. We take good care of your shirt(s). In cases where we frame the shirt(s) for you, you can send or bring the materials (shirt, photos, medals, etc.) to us. If you do not have the opportunity to pick up the final result from us, we will send it to you. The cost for this is €12.50.
If you have questions before you order, please go to our contact page. You may call us or simply fill in the contact form.

Previously framed sports shirts
To show you how and for whom we have previously framed sports shirts, you can look through the examples below. All images are executed in the standard dimensions. However, if you have special requirements, do not hesitate to contact us. We have a solution in almost all cases.

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All frames, regardless of the size, come standard with ordinary glass.
However, there are also alternatives:
Your frame can also be provided with plexiglass. This material is not fracture-sensitive but is just as clear as ordinary glass. It is advisable to choose plexiglass where the list is at greater risk of damage or if the frame will be hung in a place where many people walk past.
You can also opt for museum glass. This type of glass is so clear that you see the sports shirt in question as if there is no glass in front of it.
We can show you the difference between the types of glass in the store